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Who We Are

The journey of EduArty started in 2009 with an intention of making learning easy and fun for students with a focus to teach differently and encourage students to think out of the box.

  • Promote the idea of Vedic Mathematics and its benefits in solving complex mathematical problems while preparing students for competitive exams.
  • Educate students about interior designing from the scratch and uplift their creativity.
  • Teach languages and thus help students to transcend barriers to build camaraderie with people from other communities.
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EduArty - Academy of Excellence

We are a certified center of vedic math and passionate
group of teachers who help students to learn through simple techniques.





Why Choose EduArty?

EduArty gives a platform for all students to choose different subjects. Overall growth of a student is our priority. To make studies fun is what we are working towards.

Vedic Mathematics.

Vedic maths-Learn to solve complex mathematical problems and brace yourself up for competitive exams in future.

Interior Design

Interior design-Learn to give your layout a refreshing new look which exudes positivity and perfection.

Other Subject

EduArty has always been promoting the importance of languages. Whatever is your mother tongue one must be proud and should know it well.


Student Reviews



My experience with Vrushali Ma'am has been great. She's really passionate about teaching and that makes me want do better and push myself to my full potential. She does not move ahead from a topic until and unless we have understood the topic. She keeps asking us if we have any doubts. And if we do, she makes sure to clear them all before moving forward. She's just got that happy vibe around her and that makes studying much more fun.



Her love and dedication towards teaching never fails to inspire me to learn. She's been teaching me for more than 2 years now and always explains the concepts thoroughly and amazingly. She has always created a fun learning atmosphere which doesn't make studying under her boring.

Ayush Jagasia


I have been learning under Vrushali Ma'am since 9th standard and she is an extremely good teacher. She works on your difficulties and makes sure you understand each and every topic thoroughly, she answers every doubt of yours even if it is a simple one. My grades and confidence have drastically increased since I joined Her.



I learn Vedic maths concepts from Ms Vrushali and apply them into different practical math problems. Her classes are always very engaging and interesting. I always enjoy understanding complex problems in a very simple and easy way.